Shayna Sands brings a different flavor to her state’s music, something that could be termed “Texas Gothic.” Her new EP, Motions of the Day, brings that feeling to life – guitar-based, moody, eerie, steeped in 50s rock, and worthy of a Robert Rodriguez short film to help tell its stories.” - Andrew Gulden

Americana Highways Magazine

Shayna blends genre and instrumentation effortlessly with very personal and sometimes even conversational lyrics that draw you in where you can’t and don’t want to leave. If that wasn’t enough, this lady can really play guitar and does it with her own unique style. Guess I better go practice or write something.”

Jeff Plankenhorn, Songwriter, Musician


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Motions of the Day is Texas Gothic- Americana Highways.

Lonesome Highway

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Live at the Nasa

Shayna Sands

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Live from Corpus Christi's DIY venue, The Nasa Rhythm Guitar, vocals- Shayna Sands Lead Guitar-RJ Ramon Drums- Johnny Gonzales, Josh Hurtado Bass- Joseph Soto

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Motions of the Day T

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Album cover for the EP, Motions of the Day. Artwork by Shayna Sands Tshirt supplied by Harbor City Ink (Corpus Christi)

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Shayna Sands is an Austin-based singer/songwriter and guitarist inspiring audiences from Texas songwriter nights to New York City club shows, alongside DIY European tours. Her reputation has only flourished over the years.  Sands' dedication to the craft is admirable and has fostered a legion of fans.  Inspired by everyone from Howlin' Wolf, and Bob Dylan to Big Thief and Leonard Cohen, her fusion of influences is unique and powerful. Having performed in a vast variety of contexts over her years as a performer, her solo work is focused on the folk and blues aspects of her oeuvre. 

With a voice that is sometimes likened to an untamed Billie Holiday,  Shayna Sands guides the listener through vivid soundscapes. Her music sees a poetic fusion of classical techniques with blues and folk elements making for a deeply emotional listening experience. Her willingness to slug it out on the road has proven  beyond a shadow of a doubt that she's a lifer. These refined aspects to her compositions and her grizzled work ethic have drawn the attention of publications like  STEAM Magazine, The Caller Times and The Bend Magazine. In February of 2020, it led to her recognition by the Corpus Christi Songwriters Hall Of Fame. 

The future is bright for Shayna Sands as she continues to develop and looks to countless more tour dates to come. A disciple of the road, deeply dedicated to growth, discipline and experiencing all this life has to offer, her music has taken on a worldly wisdom. There is a deep sense of passion fueling her sound and reminding us all that Shayna Sands is a musical force to be reckoned with and one who is threatening to take the 2020's by storm. This Southern girl has gone out, played all over the globe and made her hometown proud!


Shayna Sands es una cantante, compositora y guitarrista radicada en Austin que inspira al público desde noches de compositores de Texas hasta espectáculos en clubes de la ciudad de Nueva York, además de giras europeas de bricolaje. Su reputación no ha hecho más que florecer con el paso de los años.  La dedicación de Sands al oficio es admirable y ha fomentado una legión de fanáticos.  Inspirada por todos, desde Howlin' Wolf y Bob Dylan hasta Big Thief y Leonard Cohen, su fusión de influencias es única y poderosa. Habiendo actuado en una amplia variedad de contextos a lo largo de sus años como intérprete, su trabajo en solitario se centra en los aspectos folk y blues de su obra.

Con una voz que a veces se compara con la indómita Billie Holiday, Shayna Sands guía al oyente a través de vívidos paisajes sonoros. Su música ve una fusión poética de técnicas clásicas con blues y elementos folklóricos que crean una experiencia auditiva profundamente emotiva. Su disposición a luchar en la carretera ha demostrado sin lugar a dudas que es una persona que tiene vida. Estos aspectos refinados de sus composiciones y su canosa ética de trabajo han llamado la atención de publicaciones como STEAM Magazine, The Caller Times y The Bend Magazine. En febrero de 2020, esto le valió el reconocimiento del Salón de la Fama de Compositores de Corpus Christi.

El futuro es brillante para Shayna Sands mientras continúa desarrollándose y espera innumerables fechas de giras más por venir. Discípula del camino, profundamente dedicada al crecimiento, la disciplina y a experimentar todo lo que esta vida tiene para ofrecer, su música ha adquirido una sabiduría mundana. Hay un profundo sentido de pasión que alimenta su sonido y nos recuerda a todos que Shayna Sands es una fuerza musical a tener en cuenta y que amenaza con arrasar en la década de 2020. ¡Esta chica sureña salió, tocó en todo el mundo y enorgulleció a su ciudad natal!



Shayna's music is a unique & glorious blend of influences from her native Texas : soul, folk, country and something else which is uniquely her own. Soulful vocals, guitars, harmonica, pedal steel, violins ... and are those Mariachi trumpets I hear on '3417' ?” - Noel Casey

— After Midnight Radio Show 103.2 Dublin City FM

Shayna's live set sounds like it came out of a Quentin Tarantino sound track"” - Jackie Venson
That Shayna Sands ... she’s super special...Kind of made me a bit weepy. Really inspiring... not to get too hippie dippy ) but someone like that has everything she needs- especially in these last ten years where it’s permissible to be “quirky”... Back in a more pure time? It would have been if she looked as cool as Paul Rodgers singing Fire and Water, (which she doesn’t and wouldn’t ever) but she’s something different for a different moment in time... evoking a lot of the same basic goodness and sincerity.” - Theo Mindell of Orchid
This is killer! It's amazing. Shayna’s vocals are beyond compare. Her music fits perfectly. It's a treat to listen to. ” - Ed Steinberg, Producer and Founder of Rockamedia

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